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SOLID specializes in cryptocurrency investments and provides a complete range of fund choices for the investor wanting diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

Our approach to investing is characterized by the expertise of our team of investment experts who provide thought leadership on the topics of cryptocurrencies and finance. At SOLID fund, transparency and technical excellence are our highest priorities.

At SOLID, we partner with the most talented entrepreneurs and visionaries by supporting them in the early stages of their project's development. We invest in you and your team's future, helping you to realize your goals.

As believers in the future of blockchain technology, we are committed to transparency and furthering the understanding of cryptocurrencies and investing.

The first tokenized opportunity to invest in a group of pre-vetted early stage startups.
~5% acceptance rate for companies chosen for the ADP Capital and Decenturion accelerator program.
Get proceeds from the startups as they grow, exit or IPO or trade the SOLID Fund token.
How it works
Buy SOLID tokens

Send Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Fiat (USD, EUR) and receive SOLID tokens.
Benefit from ownership in a diverse group of startups
SOLID Fund holds up to 15% equity in each participating company.
Propel startup growth

Proceeds from the fund are distributed pro rata to participating companies.
Return On Investment

Trade tokens as the value of SOLID portfolio companies increase. Receive proceeds from liquidity events.
Our partners
Our team
Our team comprises of talented and dynamic professionals with substantial experience.
Nick Evdokimov
Strategic Advisor

Daleri Nasibi
Shahril Anwar Mohd Yunos
Advisory Board
Nazir Abdul Rahman
Advisory Board
Tatiana Myles
Head of Startup Relations
Artem Fedula
Head of Operations
Alex Krasnikov
Project Manager
Hizir Aslam
Project Manager
Pawel Netreba
Vlad Shchetinin
Head of Sales
Our associates and advisors:
Nik Naharudin bin Mohd Nasir
Head, IHLs Development, Malayisia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Dato' Hj. Suhaimi bin Hj. Yacob
President, Malaysian Entrepreneurs Council
Prof. Dr. Arham bin Abdullah
Director, Industry Relations Division, Ministry of Higher Education
Jasmani Abbas
Managing Director, Intrasys
Rafidei Mohamad
Deputy Dean IIIP, Universiti Kuala Lumpur
Muhamad Alif bin Musbri
Assistant Director, Planning and Corporate Communications Division, Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)
Raja Mazhar Mohar bin Tun Raja Mohar
Chairman, Malaysian Infocomm Foundation
We have worked with many great startups and funds.
Below are some photos from the meetings.
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No 72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya Selangor

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